Our agile contract logistics solutions combine many logistics functions into a complex package of services that are unique to each client. From initial consultation to implementation, our ethos is to ensure we fully understand our clients requirements and aspirations in order to deliver the appropriate solution. Working within your supply chain we become a fully integrated extension of your business/brand, able to deliver appropriate sustainable solutions and respond rapidly to change.
  • Industry specific solutions
  • End to end logistics capabilities - manufacturer to retail outlet
  • Continuous improvement culture
  • Delivering efficiencies to drive competitive advantage
  • Network optimisation
  • Seamless supply chain integration
  • Fully integrated extension of your business/brand



Before starting the tender process Artex considered whether they wanted to be, a small guppy in a big pond, or, a big fish in a smaller pond.

Artex and Knights entered a 4 week solution scoping and project mapping period as part of the tender process. It was obvious from the start with directors, Project, IT, H&S, fleet, HR and OP’s teams from both parties around the table to align vision and strategies, that the partnership was going to work.

Artex’s relationship with the incumbent was transactional. From the solution scoping and mapping period, the new partnership was built on honesty and transparency. Supply chain visibility and a lack of reliable, accessible information were immediately identified as restricting Artex’s business objectives.

The business change process (BPC) allowed Knights to deliver an integrated solution, delivering supply chain visibility, reliable KPI data and seamlessly integrated Artex’s existing warehouse operations with the newly scoped distribution requirement. Removing these restrictions within the Artex operation allowed Artex to focus on delivering on it’s own customer satisfaction aspirations.

The opportunity the business change process created proceeded at a greater pace with Knights, as Knights were also able to deliver the agility at all levels that Artex needed from their logistics partner - shared vision



"I’ve worked within supply chain for 25 plus years and although the phrase partnership is often misused, in reality it is quite rare when you can genuinely build the level of trust and confidence that is a prerequisite to defining a "partnership.”

This is exactly what Artex and Knights of Old have achieved together over the past 2.5 years, at all levels within our organisations, resulting in our best OTIF performance to our Customers and recognition from Saint-Gobain of our exceptional Health and Safety standards through the recent award of Millionaire status. There is a healthy level of challenge and sharing of best practice that supports the continual drive for improvement within both business."

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