The first of 14 new vehicles have been added to the Steve Porter fleet of 33 vehicles. 1 x Mercedes-Benz Actros 1824 rigid and 2 x DAF (2022) CF370 26

The Mercedes is the first on fleet with MirrorCam digital mirror replacement system. Initially the MirrorCam’s were met with reservation, however, the drivers were quickly convinced by the benefits of the enhanced side windows view, manoeuvring and sideguard assist.

The DAF CF370s cantilever tail lift with safety rails is also a first into the Porter fleet. The DAF’s are supported by DAF MultiSupport and DAFAid for breakdown support.
Ian Beattie, KNP Group Managing Director, commented: "With global build rates constrained, sourcing additional vehicles has been challenging. The ongoing support of our suppliers has allowed us to introduce Mercedes and DAFs into the Steve Porter fleet giving us more options to meet the demands of our customers.

We look forward to seeing both the economic and safety benefits of the new vehicles.”

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